We utilize experienced Subject Matter Experts working as a team with the prospective operator and the Federal Aviation Administration to achieve the goal of certifying the operator in an efficient and timely manner. The methodology used by the partnership brings together Certification guidelines and checklists developed by the FAA and the systems and processes developed by the SMEs based on their experience as former FAA Inspectors and/or operators of aviation related business. The amount of time necessary to complete a certification is dependent on FAA resources and the resources of the operator. We help ensure that certification gates and deadlines are addressed in a timely manner and that all required documents are properly prepared and ready for submission to the FAA. Among other areas, our consultants have experience in:

  1. FAA and CAA Air Carrier Certification and Evaluation;
  2. Airport Certification and Evaluation;
  3. FAA and CAA Repair Station Certification and Evaluation;
  4. Experience in EC Communities Air Carrier Certification and Evaluation;
  5. Experience in Department of Defense (DOD) Certification and Evaluation;
  6. Experience in Aircraft Conversions Passenger and Cargo.

Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely through federal certification issues.


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