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Co-counsel arrangements

Are you a lawyer, or law firm, considering an aviation case that has little or no knowledge of this practice area? If so, you need a law firm on your team that "knows aviation " to guide you through the regulations, laws, and nuances particular to aviation law that can impact your case.

CPW is uniquely equipped to serve in that role, as we have broad and deep experience in this area. Our firm has actually handled cases with out of state counsel in various jurisdictions over the years and pride ourselves on developing co-counsel relationships with out of state lawyers that are lasting and mutually beneficial. Whether you need counsel to perform just a limited local role in a case or you are looking for a firm that can take the lead on a case for you (or somewhere in between), we are committed to working out co-counsel arrangements that "make sense" and help deliver the best results possible for the client.

If you have a case, or potential case, that would benefit from insight our firm can provide, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


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