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Michael Pearson

Owner of Curry, Pearson and Wooten, PLC


Mr. Pearson has extensive civil litigation experience focusing his practice on trial law and aviation. Mike handles complex civil litigation as well FAA enforcement action cases and aircraft and helicopter accident cases. Martindale Hubbell rates Mike, and the firm, "AV" which is the highest rating possible and he has achieved the highest rating possible by "AVVO." In addition, Michael is listed in the Bar Register as a Preeminent Lawyer. He is a multi-million dollar advocate and was elected one of Arizona's Finest Lawyers. He has also been honored by the National Trial Lawyers Association and named as one of the "Top 100 Trial Attorneys" throughout the entire state of Arizona.

As a Aviation Lawyer, Michael often handles regulation cases as well as severe personal injury matters. Michael's aviation clients are varied including family members who have lost loved ones in airplane and helicopter accidents, those injured on domestic and international flights, and airmen and companies accused by the FAA of violating the Federal Aviation Regulations. He has handled litigation cases for international airlines such as Air France and Zest Airways. Michael has been interviewed by ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Fox Business News, PBS as well as a multitude of print media sources on various issues due to his expertise regarding aviation and aviation law. Michael also handles business and complex litigation cases.

Mike worked as a Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control specialist in the TRACON (approach control) and Tower environments (at several different high density facilities) for over 26 years. Mike also worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist for the FAA, where he gained intimate knowledge regarding the FAA's enforcement action program and accident protocol. While working as a controller he was detailed to the FAA legal division for a period of time to assist FAA attorneys. He is a graduate of many FAA classes and courses including the Department of Transportation aviation accident investigation program where he gained valuable practical and technical insight into aviation accidents. Mike is a reviewer for the Journal of Air Transportation World Wide and wrote a monthly column for a national aviation magazine. He has written an aviation law textbook, "Aviation Law", for a major academic publisher.

Mike has taught aviation law, aviation regulations, as well as other legal subjects, at Arizona State University since 1993 and is currently an Associate Professor. Prior to accepting his academic appointment at Arizona State University, Mike taught aviation law at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Mr. Pearson often speaks at academic and professional conferences regarding aviation topics. Most recently, Pearson spoke on the subject of human factors in air traffic control at the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology conference at Wright Patterson Air Force base at the invitation of the United States Air Force Research Laboratory.

Consulting Partners:

Mr. David M. Smith has extensive experience in regulatory compliance, air carrier/operator certification and surveillance, and Maintenance Repair Organization certification and surveillance both domestically and internationally. He has served as Team Leader of the FAA's International Aviation Safety Assessments Team(IASA), adjunct Instructor at the Flight Standards Management Training Center and Academy, and Manager of the Singapore International Field office and the Oakland Flight Standards District Office.

Mr. Charles Hicks, Jr., Esq., has extensive experience in flight procedures development and Obstruction Evaluation and Airport and Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA), regulatory compliance, air carrier/operator certification and surveillance, and Maintenance Repair Organization certification and surveillance, He has served as FAA Western Pacific Regions's Manager of the flight Procedures and Technical Standards Branches, Los Angeles Flight Standards District Office, and Technical Training Program Manager for the FAA's Regulatory, Safety and Security Programs.

Mr. John Sawyer, has over 30 years of aviation experienceTwenty-eight of which were at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) involving increasing responsibilities in airport operations, airport security and airport emergency management. John held senior management positions over Airside Operations, Security Operations, and Emergency Preparedness. Turned around a struggling FAR-139 program after taking over the senior position within Airside Operations in 2005, thus achieving seven consecutive perfect FAA Certification inspections and two annual Safety awards from the FAA’s Western Region for safety advancements and innovation. Mr. Sawyer rewrote the PHX airfield safety program in 2005. He established the PHX Airfield Standards Committee and managed all airfield safety programs as chairmen of this inter-agency committee for seven years using an "all involved" approach and applying sound safety management principals. John has varied practical experience including writing and administering the PHX Airport Certification Manual, the PHX Airport Security Program, the PHX Airport Emergency Plan (31C compliant), and the PHX Aviation Department's Continuity of Operations Plan.

Additional consultant expertise:

We utilize a variety of subject matter experts as consultants depending on the specialized needs of our clients. We customize our team depending on customer needs. A one size fits all approach rarely works when dealing with complex regulatory and compliance issues.

Our consultants are the best in the industry and include former FAA subject matter experts with decades of experience including, but not limited to:

  1. Former Federal Aviation Administration FSDO Managers;
  2. Former Federal Aviation Administration Regional Technical Standards Branch Managers;
  3. Former Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) Ops, GA and AC;
  4. Former Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI), Certificate Management Office (CMO);
  5. Former Federal Aviation Administration Principal Operations Inspectors (POI), part 135, and Geographic Program Manager, part 121, with oversight and surveillance responsibilities for both operations;
  6. Former Federal Aviation Administration Safety Program Managers;
  7. Former Federal Aviation Administration Certified Professional Air Traffic Controllers (CPC), fully rated all options, numerous geographic locations;
  8. Flight Instructors, part 61 and 141; Charter Pilot, single and multi-engine aircraft; Commuter Pilot, turbo-prop aircraft; Corporate Chief Pilot, jet and turbo-prop aircraft;
  9. Former senior airport management personnel including Airside Operations, Landside Operations, Security Operations, and Emergency Preparedness;
  10. Consultant Ratings: Airline Transport Pilot – Single and multi-engine; numerous type-ratings; Commercial – Lighter-Than-Air Hot Air Balloon, Airplane Single Engine Sea Flight Engineer – Turbojet Certified Flight Instructors – Single and multi-engine, Instrument Airplane;
  11. Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics (A&P) with Inspection Authorization;
  12. Experience in FAA and CAA Air Carrier Certification and Evaluation;
  13. Experience in FAA and CAA Repair Station Certification and Evaluation;
  14. Experience in EC Communities Air Carrier Certification and Evaluation;
  15. Experience in Department of Defense (DOD) Certification and Evaluation;
  16. Experience in Aircraft Conversions Passenger and Cargo.


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